Boomer Retirement: Pig in a Python?

With some baby boomers turning 70 in 2016, there will be additional strain on Social Security, Medicare, public programs and private services. Will the US be up to the task of supporting the needs of a growing number of seniors and elderly? … [Read more...]

Last-Ditch College Funding Tips 

Unfortunately, outstanding medical bills or career changes may have derailed plans for some to stash away college funds for a child’s future. In these cases, there are no easy solutions for parents but there are ways to fund a child’s … [Read more...]

Graduating from Student Debt and Getting On with Life

Getting out from under student debt is a major stepping stone for graduates eager to invest in their future. Graduates can come out of school with accumulated debt of 30K and more. Millennials and others are seeking the help of financial … [Read more...]

Living Longer With Plenty Of Money

J. Craig Venter of Human Longevity, a genome sequencing company with the objective of extending healthy human life, believes that individuals can live into their 90s “with good health and vitality.”  The reason?  Life expectancy is … [Read more...]

SEC Proposals: Ironic Harm to Mutual Funds?

Regulatory changes for financial services are common.  The environment is ever-changing, especially in periods following large market fluctuations.  These market disruptions offer a prime opportunity for regulators to propose new rules in … [Read more...]

Retirees: Consider Tax Smoothing

Retirees may not want to take their retirement distributions through the traditionally recommended path. The traditional path is premised upon “deferring taxes for as long as possible.” Some advisors now see another option as a more … [Read more...]

Boomers Go Bust: What to Know About Escalating Health Care Costs in Retirement

Individual baby boomers are not alone in worrying if they have set aside enough funds to retire comfortably and afford continual health care. Financial advisors have previously suggested to plan to replace approximately 80 to 85% of … [Read more...]

Important Tax Tips for 2015

As the end of the year draws near, it is important to try to make intelligent financial decisions that put you at a tax advantage. Thoughtful foresight can reduce tax burdens and make the most of your charitable giving. High income earners … [Read more...]

Boomers: So, You Haven’t Saved Enough…

You are not alone.  Baby Boomers are a generation that has generally saved less than needed as they approach retirement. On average, a boomer (born 1946-1964) is approximately $500,000 short of the savings that they will require. The … [Read more...]

Why Create a Dynasty Trust and How to Maximize Your Contributions

Most people with substantial assets seek to protect them and manage their growth. A dynasty trust is a wealth management vehicle that will allow following generations to benefit from your forethought. Dynasty trust assets are distributed to … [Read more...]