Market Commentary – June 2016

  The second quarter of 2016 saw global stocks rise modestly in a volatile quarter.  Above average returns in April and May were offset by losses in June due to the British vote on June 23 to leave the European Union.  The U.S. … [Read more...]

Market Commentary – April 2016

It was a turbulent start to 2016. Ongoing concerns about slowing growth in China, weak growth globally, and falling oil prices sent stock prices plunging in January and February. Although most central banks maintained aggressive stimulus … [Read more...]

Market Commentary – June 2015

Uncertainty and volatility gripped the global financial markets, putting the brakes on stock market performance and driving down bond market returns. Most notable, Greece’s long-standing debt crisis finally reached a tipping point. Late in … [Read more...]

Market Commentary – March 2015

Global divergence remained the predominant theme in the world’s financial markets during the first quarter of 2015. Specifically, while the U.S. economy continued to demonstrate modest gains, other leading economies struggled with slow or … [Read more...]

Market Commentary – December 2014

The theme of “global divergence” became more prominent during the fourth quarter as the U.S. continued to set itself apart from the rest of the world. While the U.S. economy gained ground, prompting the Federal Reserve to conclude its … [Read more...]

Market Commentary – September 2014

The second quarter’s financial market optimism gave way to a more subdued tone in the third quarter.  Investors digested the effects of uneven global growth – the U.S. moved toward modest, sustainable growth, while Europe flirted with … [Read more...]

Market Commentary – June 2014

After eking out small gains in the first quarter of2014, U.S. equities continued to climb higher during the second quarter, generating healthy returns for the first half of the year. The S&P 500 returned 4.7% for the quarter, once again … [Read more...]

Market Commentary – April 2014

Softer economic data globally and political unrest in several emerging markets made for a challenging start to 2014. The optimism that helped U.S. stocks gain more than 30% in 2013 faded quickly to start the New Year. Harsh winter weather … [Read more...]

Market Commentary – January 2014

A strong fourth quarter capped a very good year for stocks, driving returns on the S&P 500 to their best year since 1995. Returns were driven by falling risks and a moderate economic recovery that accelerated into the second half of the … [Read more...]

Investing through the Washington mess…

For investors, the most important decision they face in the weeks ahead will be deciding how to invest in a world in which the U.S. political system has shut down parts of the Federal Government and is threatening to default on U.S. … [Read more...]